Gold Club

$69.99 / month

Purchase recurring monthly access to Crowned Mint’s Gold Club. This club gives you unprecedented access to Precious Metal Bullion Products, as well as other benefits. Read more below for full details.



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What Is The Gold Club

    • The Gold club is Crowned Mint’s members program. When you subscribe to our monthly recurring membership, you receive access to wholesale pricing to bullion products. 
    • The Gold Club is a new take on bullion sales that we believe is a beneficial program to all parties. You as the consumer get access to specialized pricing for precious metals and bullion and we build recurring revenue from our members. 

Benefits of the Gold Club

    • You do not have to purchase precious metals in bulk to pay wholesale pricing. 
    • You gain immediate access to our specialized pricing. There is no ramp up period once you subscribe to the membership. 
    • We place no minimums or maximums on the amount of bullion that you can order. 
    • We offer different payment methods that allow you to avoid paying any processing fees (i.e. Pay by Bank Wire vs Credit Card)
    • Purchase confidently with the market, knowing that your premiums will remain low. 

Why Join The Gold Club

    • Easiest way to purchase bullion at the same wholesale rates every time. 
    • We list available items. In cases where we have limited quantities, we will display the limited quantity on our product pages. 
    • Gain access to our limited release collectible bullion products before the general public. 
    • As a member, Sell Us Back Your Gold for better daily spot values than you can receive elsewhere.
    • Unlock all features available on Crowned Mint’s website (Groups, Messaging, Purchasing, Posting)

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