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Why should I buy Crowned Mint bullion when I see better deals on precious metals online?

We wholly and ideologically understand that we will not always be the cheapest possible vendor for precious metals bullion in the market. That is OK. What we do wish to clarify though is the following:

  • Whenever you see precious metals / bullion listed for market price, or even below market price – it’s important to remember that the individual selling these items probably purchased the item sometime in the past. This means that they acquired the goods at quite possibly a much different market value than what is being listed today.
    • For example: If we purchased 10 kilos of gold at a spot price of $2,000/oz three years ago – and sold our 10 kilos at $2300/oz today (general market price of 2024), we would be making $300 per oz while still selling our gold at today’s market price.
  • The key thing to remember, however, is that these deals are not always readily available and are limited by the quantity of gold the selling individual originally purchased.

With that in mind, we also want to make some things clear:

  • If you find metals at the daily spot price (or even sometimes lower) – 1000% we think you should go for it.
  • When you compare our pricing to deals such as these, always keep in mind that the availability of these deals can be few and far in between. What WE offer is steady, always available, fair pricing that lines up with the daily market rate of Gold & Silver.

With full transparency, we will sometimes purchase gold & silver from deals and opportunities where individuals are selling their metals purchased in the past.

IF you are one of these individuals, with lots of metals to sell – we want to hear from you! Our team offers 100% of spot value on a daily basis. Get in touch with us to get that process started.

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