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Where do you source your metals and bullion from?

We source our metals from three primary places, ensuring that we can offer a diverse and high-quality selection of precious metals and bullion to our customers. These sources are crucial in maintaining our inventory and meeting the varied needs of our clientele. Here’s a detailed look at each of these sources:

  1. Purchasing from the General Public

    Our operation is fundamentally set up as a gold buying operation, which means we actively purchase gold from the general public on a daily basis. This aspect of our business is vital as it allows us to continually replenish our stock with new and unique items. By buying gold directly from individuals, we can offer competitive prices to sellers and acquire a wide range of gold items, from jewelry to coins and other valuables. This direct purchasing method not only supports our inventory needs but also provides a valuable service to those looking to sell their gold quickly and efficiently. Our team of experts is trained to assess and evaluate gold items accurately, ensuring fair transactions for both parties. This ongoing process of buying gold from the public helps us maintain a steady flow of high-quality metals that we can then offer to our customers.

  2. From Our Partners

    Over the past 20 years, our founder and CEO, Luke Corona, has built and solidified strong relationships with various partners across the continental United States. These partnerships are a cornerstone of our business model, allowing us to access large quantities of metal, bullion, and luxury items at advantageous terms. Luke leverages these long-standing relationships to negotiate and secure beneficial deals, ensuring that we can acquire substantial amounts of precious metals at competitive prices. These acquisitions are not only limited to gold but also include silver and other valuable metals. By utilizing these partnerships, we can bring wholesale-priced precious metals and bullion to Crowned Mint. This approach provides our customers with access to some of the best prices on the market, directly sourced from some of the largest and most reputable mints in the United States. Additionally, Luke’s efforts extend to making these items available for sale on various e-commerce platforms, further expanding our reach and customer base. The strength and reliability of these partnerships are essential in maintaining a diverse and plentiful inventory for our customers.

  3. From Other Metal Refineries

    In times of surge purchasing, where demand for precious metals increases significantly, we turn to our partner refineries to make stock purchases of precious metals and bullion. This strategy is crucial in ensuring that we can meet the high purchasing needs of our membership base without compromising on quality or availability. These refineries, trusted partners of Crowned Mint, provide us with a reliable source of high-quality metals that we can quickly integrate into our inventory. By maintaining these relationships, we ensure that our stock levels are consistently sufficient to handle any surge in demand. This proactive approach allows us to cater to our customers’ needs promptly, providing them with the metals they seek when they need them most. The ability to source metals from refineries is a testament to our commitment to maintaining a robust and responsive supply chain.

Our sourcing strategy is multifaceted and designed to ensure that we can provide our customers with a wide variety of precious metals and bullion. By purchasing from the general public, leveraging long-standing partnerships, and collaborating with trusted refineries, we can offer competitive prices, high-quality products, and reliable service. Each of these sources plays a critical role in our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, solidifying Crowned Mint’s reputation as a leading provider of precious metals.

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