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How can being in the FREE CLUB help me make money?

We help you make money in various ways:

  1. Our ready-to-ship gold & silver items are mint condition, karat tested and authenticated items that are offered to our group members at very small premiums. Sometimes we offer items at 2-3% over market melt price. This allows you to quickly find clients for these items before putting money out for any goods.
  2. Our team will periodically post prices for our bullion products. These prices will come with a small 5% premium. We understand that this is not always the lowest premium possible – but we have consistent and available inventory of bullion products.
  3. To make manufacturing viable – we have to produce minimum quantities of Cuban Chain Links. To help businesses have more accessibility to manufacturing, we offer combined purchasing power of our group members. What this means is that if we have to manufacture 5 kilos of metals – but your purchasing power is only 1 kilo (for example) – then you can purchase together with other members, and combined purchase 5 kilos of metals together. This means that you do not have to shoulder more than you can – and we are able to continously manufacture quantities that are in line with our production values.
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