Affiliate Application

Application Process

  • Create an Account: You can registere here

  • Fill out the application: Every field is mandatory.

  • Wait for approval: Our team will get in contact with you via DMs to ask any follow up questions about your application. When approved, you will receive an email confirmation, we will join you to our private Affiliate Group, and we will send you a DM confirmation that your application has been approved. 

  • Fill Out Your 1099: Our onboarding team will reach out to you via DMs to speak with you directly. Before we can activate any affiliate application, we must by-law receive a signed 1099.

  • Receive Your Discount Code: When we receive your signed documents – we will issue your custom affiliate discount code. This discount code is what you use to tie customer registrations to your account. Each assigned discount code will be valid for 20% off your first month of subscription or 20% off a day pass. When a customer uses this code, they will indefinitely be attached to your affiliate profile. Any future membership subscription revenue generated from this customer will be commissioned to you. 

  • Promote Your Discount Code: You are now ready to start promoting your discount code to your audience. 

  • Visit Your Affiliate Portal: We recommend you bookmark this page in your browser, it is where you can go to track your affiliate referrals; 

  • Receiving Payouts: We will pay commissions on the 15th of every month for the month prior. Our team will get in touch with you to receive your preferred payment methods and instructions on how to receive your payouts.